Thursday, March 15, 2012

In the beginning....

The Plan:

Although the trailer was not in bad shape and usable after some clean-up we decided to embark on a "small" rebuild.

Our plan is to rebuild the Deville with a WSU (Washington State University) theme. We will use it for tail-gating while watching the Cougars play football or our son row crew for WSU.

The Before Pictures:
'59 Deville Purchased in July 2011

I'm debating on reproducing the sticker and putting it back on after new paint.
Check out the license plate from 1963 - I'll be sure to reuse that!

UGH! Here's what happens when the vent leaks....

and what happens when a window leaks....

Cleaned up and some wood temporarly replaced

Hard to tell, but if you look closely at the ceiling you can see the birch is warped from the roof being caved in

We did take the Deville on one trip before we put it away for the winter. This was taken at Priest Lake, ID.

First time out August 2011

Now on to the "de-construction":

I will try and save as much exterior siding as possible, but the roof was in sorry shape, probably from one too many Northwest winter snowfalls.

I started by removing all the window brows, the windows, the door, the lights and the drip rails. I found that some of the philips screws were hard to get a grip on because they were caked with 53 years of dirt. If I tapped the screwdriver into the philips slot before trying to remove the screws it worked a lot better.