Saturday, March 24, 2012

Final Teardown

Today I spent about 4 hours finishing the tear down. I ended up using a reciprocating saw to cut the 3 bolts on each side since there was no way I could get them loose. I also used the saw to cut some of the nails that were holding the sides to the frame. I used temporary bracing so that the walls didn't fall over once I took the roof off.

Here are a couple of shots:

Notice how the trailer was framed for a window at the back. I've seen pictures of Devilles' with the window installed there.

Temporary bracing - didn't want the walls to come tumbling down!

This angle sure makes the trailer seem short....

The original flooring - This will be replaced with Marmoleum
Some of the siding. I learned the hard way to reinforce the door opening so that it doesn't buckle when I move it.

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  1. Good thought on the bracing in the doorway. I will use that when I take the tin off of that side. I will be doing the roof and front and rear then one side at a time. Mainly for insulation....rewiring and vapor barrier. Much of my interior wood is good.