Monday, June 25, 2012

Progress on the walls finally!

Progress on the walls finally!

I was able to get the new birch paneling on the walls this weekend. I did change it up a bit as the orignial paneling had several seams in it. I tried to use the full 48" width of the paneling so that I didn't have quite as many seams. In order to do that I had to add some nailers so that I would have something to nail the edge of the paneling to. I also used paneling where there was originally a masonite or pressboard type material so that the backs of the cabinets will now look a little nicer.

Here is the original paneling you can see the seam at the right side and the press board material on the left side. The pressboard is the back wall of the large storage cabinet.

All the paneling removed and down to the bare frame

I used the old paneling as a template so that I could mark where the windows were as well as where to put nails. This also shows one of the seams that I eliminated with the new paneling.

Ready to finish!
 I also got the door all taken apart and found some rotten wood at the bottom that needed to be replaced.

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  1. Those walls are a thing of beauty! I just finished both my end side walls. I know the feeling!