Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New aluminum, walls and floor!

I ordered the aluminum for the roof, rear and front of the Deville from Hemet Valley RV and it arrived on July 3rd. Larry at Hemet RV was extremely helpful and the material arrived about a week after it was ordered. I only wished I lived closer, as shipping and packaging was about 25% of the total cost (total cost was $764). Larry did suggest double boxing so that the material would arrive undamaged, which did add some additional cost. The pattern that matched my existing aluminum was a 2" Mesa 4" Run.

I think each box had about 100 staples in it, but well packaged and not damaged!

Material for the roof. The roof itself if flat aluminum, but the upper front and rear have a 2" Mesa 4" Run pattern.

I have stripped the finish of all the cabinets and my wife and I got all the welt put back on. I opted to make my own welt as everything I found was either too dark or too white. This color should work well once the shellac is applied, plus it is the same diameter as the original welt.

The original shellac is stripped from the upper part of the closet.

Here is the welt before assembly, it is a light tan color.

Yesterday I took advantage of the sunny weather to get the walls on, the flooring in and start on the ceiling. By the end of the day the clouds were rolling in so we quickly placed the new roofing on and strapped it with tie downs just in case my "tarp carport" leaked.

Help from my son and brother!

My brother and I placing the first ceiling panel.

Ready to get the flooring in....

Here I am cutting the floor before putting it in the trailer. Sure hope I measured right!

It fits!

Do you think we will be camping in it in 10 days?

Hurrying to get something over the ceiling before the rain comes....

Here you can see the Mesa pattern that was used.

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